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Our History


The first unofficial agricultural fair was held at the Thomas Whitmore homestead of Gartmore, Manitoba.


The Dauphin Ag Society hosted the first official Fair


It was decided to move the fair to the town of Dauphin. The Dauphin Fair operates on Treaty 2 Territory.


The parade has always been a highlight at the Dauphin Fair. The marching band is making their way down Main Street in 1903


Exhibitors are leading their cattle in the show ring as visitors watch from the side lines, announcers get set up in the announcer’s booth, people take their seats at the grandstand, and fair tents are set up in the background.

1924 Dauphin Fair

After the war, the Ag Society purchased land from the town of Dauphin to make a new fair ground for $17.50/acre. In 1925 the fair moved to the new grounds. The new fair grounds had some new buildings, but many were brought in from the airport which had downsized from the Air Force Training Centre during the war.


In the mid-1920’s the Girls and Boys Club started, which was training on how to become a farmer. Around this time crops were being tested on the land to see what grew best in the area. Alfalfa showed tremendous growth, and the department of agriculture set up their 3rd Department in Dauphin (the other two locations were Brandon and Winnipeg).


The Dauphin Ag Society activities slowed during the 1940’s due to the Second World War. Although there was no fair, the Agriculture Society continued to hold meetings and upkeep the fair grounds. After the war, the Government of Canada expressed its gratitude to vets by giving grants to Agriculture Societies to set up places for the vets to use for leisure activities. This was the start of cattle and horse shows and home living displays at the Dauphin Fair.


Director’s portrait


Participants line up for the annual parade


The Agriculture Society hosted the first fair on the new grounds, where the fair is still located today. A new racetrack was built by a professional engineer for highways, Dawn Walker, and Dauphin’s race track was named the best rural track in Manitoba by exhibitors.


A Heavy Horse Show in the grass ring with carnival rides in the background. The Dauphin Ag Society planted over 1,000 trees around the racetrack and show ring, tended to by our Agriculture Rep Dave Hill. These trees grew and have created a beautiful landscape and much appreciated shade for many generations.


The Dauphin Ag Society celebrated it's Centennial Anniversary. To celebrate, directors dressed up as the original directors.

1991 Celebrating 100 Years of the Dauphin Agriculture Society


Prizes are awarded in the Heavy Horse barn


The Credit Union Place opened in Dauphin and has been a big part of the Dauphin Fair. When the old skating rink was torn down, the wooden ribs were removed and moved back to Russell and they now line the street of Russell.


The Dauphin Ag Society celebrated 125 Years with a banquet to thank local businesses and sponsors for their continued support for the Dauphin Ag Society. We updated the Dauphin Ag Society Logo.